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The Growth of our Company.

The main growth of our company has come from using the best professional lighting technologies like LED and the advantages that it has over incandescent lights. LEDs (light emitting diodes) have revolutionized the lighting industry and the timeline for further advancements is shorter every day. LEDs require less energy because of their low watt usage, turn on instantly and omit the same level of lumens as competitive lamps. We can translate these advantages to ensure a decrease in lighting costs dramatically in public, commercial, internal and external lighting.

Our company has taken advantage of LED light services and have seen the rewards.

We are looking forward to the coming year and will keep you posted on lighting advancements and news on the development of your number one lighting specialists in Curaçao and the Caribbean!



Street lighting is a key organizing street scape element that defines the nighttime visual environment in urban settings. Street lighting includes roadway and pedestrian lighting in the public right-of-way. Street light poles and fixtures can also create a defining visual characteristic during daylight hours. Quality street lighting helps define a positive urban character and supports nighttime activities. The quality of visual information is critical for both traffic safety and pedestrian safety and security. Lighting should be designed not only for vehicular traffic on the roadways, but also for pedestrians on sidewalks and pedestrian paths.



Definition: Ambient lighting is a general illumination that comes from all directions in an area that has no visible source. This type of lighting is in contrast to directional lighting. For a landscape lighting or architectural lighting designer, ambient lighting typically represents the baseline amount of illumination on a particular property or structure in question – for which the designer may or may not have any control. For commercial building owners, the overall lighting effect can be enhanced by ensuring that all lighting is directed only toward its intended focal plane; e.g., area lighting with parking lighting and walkway lighting directed downward only AND no spillage horizontally; architectural lighting that is directed only toward the building with no glare produced in any other viewing plane. Ambient lighting provides a new experience to any outdoor space. Whether you choose wall lights or path lights, let ELux Technologies NV help you “shine a light” on your next outdoor space redesign.



Lighting an industrial environment is not always an easy task. Because of a wide variety of operations, it’s important to consider many elements that work to impact the amount of light reaching a surface, as well as its quality. ELux Technologies NV has lit vast warehouses, complex machinery, large mass merchandisers, and a wide range of process and assembly industries.

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